[theora] Video Comparison

yorn at gmx.net yorn at gmx.net
Sun Jan 31 02:36:54 PST 2010

> > You are right, the video shown below is the material, I used for the
> > transcoding process, so the quality can not be better than the original
> :-/.
> This is the "wrong" way to test making sure that the "looser" will be
> ... guess who ...

The main thing was not to create an academic comparison, but a comparison for the end users (who are mostly only know youtube stuff)

so the videos are not brilliant, but most endusers that I have shown the videos, say that there is no difference between them. And that is what counts in the end. 

> > I may ask for better quality material next week ...
> Please do.

I will, if I find some time (ogg video tools 0.8a is on the way - with installers for mac and windows)

> The Theora and x264 videos should be both encoded from the same
> high quality source of course, if only already "lossy" source is
> available, the
> trick is to ZOOM the decoded "source" down (by factor 2.2 maybe) before
> reencoding with both competitors.

I am actually testing resizing algorithms, what I experienced is, that the resizing is a real quality issue, do you use the resizer from ffmpeg?

If you have some good algorithms I would be glad to integrate them into oggTranscode.


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