[theora] Video Comparison

yorn at gmx.net yorn at gmx.net
Sat Jan 30 08:37:03 PST 2010

> the Theora videos look good and play quite well under Ubuntu 9.10 with 
> Firefox 3.5.7. Also CPU load is smaller while playing the Theora videos.
> I would be interested if you transcoded from some raw videos with higher 
> resolution that you got from Golem.de or if you used the finished H.264 
> Flash videos that can be seen online? Of course this would affect the 
> resulting Theora quality.

You are right, the video shown below is the material, I used for the transcoding process, so the quality can not be better than the original :-/. I may ask for better quality material next week ...

> The only problem I noticed are some glitches with the Theora videos (not 
> audio) so the video didn't played as smooth as with Flash player. But I 
> think it's because Firefox is new in playing videos and there is room 
> for improvement.

You are right again :-/ What I noticed during transoding via ffmepg2theora and playing (via firefox and mplayer) was that some information are incorrect. I restructured it via oggTranscode and the video was correct with mplayer, but I notice the same glitches with firefox. I have to investigate that a bit more (maybe with ^j)

> I also don't like that online videos always prebuffer until the end. 
> This could lead to some bandwidth shortage and video disruption when you 
> test one video after the other without waiting long enough.


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