[theora] Video Comparison

Franz Böhm fboehm at aon.at
Sat Jan 30 07:09:41 PST 2010


the Theora videos look good and play quite well under Ubuntu 9.10 with 
Firefox 3.5.7. Also CPU load is smaller while playing the Theora videos.

I would be interested if you transcoded from some raw videos with higher 
resolution that you got from Golem.de or if you used the finished H.264 
Flash videos that can be seen online? Of course this would affect the 
resulting Theora quality.

The only problem I noticed are some glitches with the Theora videos (not 
audio) so the video didn't played as smooth as with Flash player. But I 
think it's because Firefox is new in playing videos and there is room 
for improvement.

I also don't like that online videos always prebuffer until the end. 
This could lead to some bandwidth shortage and video disruption when you 
test one video after the other without waiting long enough.


yorn at gmx.net schrieb:
> Hey all,
> I have followed a thread on golem.de, which was about an article regarding mozillas reasons, not to include h264 and to prefere theora instead. 
> In the forum there was much talking about a lot of nonsens (as usual). But there is still a huge and loud number of people believing that theora has a significant worse quality compared to h264. Most test material I found does not focus real live videos, so the comparison does not reflect the user experiences. So I decided to use good quality web videos. The videos on golem.de have a much better quality than nearly all videos available through youtube.
> Therefor I ask the guys at golem.de if I can use their videos for an ogg/theora transcoding, and they agreed.
> Then I created the following page:
> http://dev.streamnik.de/80.html
> I want to make this page as user friendly as possible, so I need your feedback. Are the videos working for you? Do you have any problems? Which?
> What I found is, that chrome is not able to play the video correctly.
> Actually I am not using mvEmbedd, as I have not full access to the typo3 installation. Therefor I use the externaly available cortado player. 
> -Yorn
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