[theora] Fwd: [whatwg] Suddenly, ~40% of IE users get HTML5 Theora with no effort

Christopher Blizzard blizzard at mozilla.com
Fri Feb 5 23:11:52 PST 2010

On 2/6/2010 3:34 AM, Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> Silverlight may be just as good from a future real penetration effect,
>   but Flash would be important for knocking out a headline argument for
> not using Theora.

I'd actually like to see the venn diagram of:

1. people who have IE and don't use Firefox or Chrome


2. people who have Silverlight instaled.

I'll bet it's not 40%.

Still, it's nice to see Theora on yet another platform.  Java, browsers, 
now Silveright.  All from different people + providers.


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