[theora] Strange results encoding with latest ffmpeg2theora-0.24 and playback on Directshow through Winamp

Jason Self jason.self at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 05:20:34 PDT 2009

On Jun 15, 2009, at 4:37 AM, Yamuna Jivana dasa wrote:

> First, if changing the speedlevel parameter to 0 or using the  
> Optimize parameter, and an output file is not specified, the encoder  
> does not automatically assume the same input Filename.avi to output  
> Filename.ogv.

I use the --optimize option without specifying an output file and it  
does behave correctly for me (i.e., saving the same filename .ogv in  
the same directory as the input file.) Perhaps you could share some  
more specific details about what you're experiencing?

> The playback of the files, whether or not I play them in  
> Mediaplayer, Winamp or another player, produces a very distorted  
> audio playback, which sounds more like audio distortion of chipmunks  
> through an overdrive guitar filter, (for lack of a better  
> description).
> The video is upsidedown in Winamp but looks correct in Mediaplayer.

Do they play correctly in VLC (http://videolan.org/vlc.) This may help  
to point things in the correct direction of the problem.

> What do I do if I want to create a straight .ogv file out of a DVD  
> video, wherein there is the Audio_ts and Video_ts folders?  You  
> know, from regular DVD Videos.

ffmpeg2theora really isn't the best programing for use with DVDs. You  
can feed .vob files to ffmpeg2theora, but you may find that things are  
not arranged in the way you'd expect: It's normal for multiple DVD  
titles to be muxed across multiple VOB files, so you need to find a  
way to demux the desired title out  of the various VOB files first or  
find a program (such as HandBrake or Thoggen) that does everything for  
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