[theora] Strange results encoding with latest ffmpeg2theora-0.24 and playback on Directshow through Winamp

Yamuna Jivana dasa ykhandoo at webmail.co.za
Mon Jun 15 04:37:00 PDT 2009

Hi Folks,

First, I would like to thank the eople in development who are doing so much to develope these great video and audio tools.
I use Ogg Vorbis to store most of my music projects in studio and the results are stunning.  Quite frankly, in the audio file reduction game, nothing beats Ogg Vorbis and I can personally say this from my own experience.  So a huge thank you to the team.

I've tried for the first time to encode an AVI file from my digital camera to .ogv using ffmpeg2theora.
I came across a few potential bugs.
First, if changing the speedlevel parameter to 0 or using the Optimize parameter, and an output file is not specified, the encoder does not automatically assume the same input Filename.avi to output Filename.ogv.

Also, in order to playback using Winamp, I installed the Ogg Codec from the download page, and added the .ogv extension to Winamp's Directshow input plugin's extension list.
The playback of the files, whether or not I play them in Mediaplayer, Winamp or another player, produces a very distorted audio playback, which sounds more like audio distortion of chipmunks through an overdrive guitar filter, (for lack of a better description).
The video is upsidedown in Winamp but looks correct in Mediaplayer.

Back to the audio, I'm not sure if the audio problem exists because my digital camera produces audio at 11025 Hz, 8 bps, Mono (that's according to Winamp's info reported by the Directshow stream).

To keep things simple, I encoded with ffmpeg2theora without using any -switches or parameters. It was a .avi video of my 3-month old son being bathed and splashing in the water.
Here's the very basic syntax I've used:
ffmpeg2theora Baby.avi

Does anyone have any solutions to identifying why I am getting these strange results?  How much of it could have to do with the ffmpeg2theora encoder and how much to do with the Directshow decoder    ?

I'm more than ready to send the .AVI file to someone for testing, though it may be quite large, around 160 Mb.

One last question: What do I do if I want to create a straight .ogv file out of a DVD video, wherein there is the Audio_ts and Video_ts folders?  You know, from regular DVD Videos.

Thanks for any advice in advance.
Kind regards,

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