[theora] Strange results encoding with latest ffmpeg2theora-0.24 and playback on Directshow through Winamp

Cristian Adam cristian.adam at gmail.com
Mon Jun 15 05:27:18 PDT 2009

> Also, in order to playback using Winamp, I installed the Ogg Codec from the
> download page, and added the .ogv extension to Winamp's Directshow input
> plugin's extension list.
> The playback of the files, whether or not I play them in Mediaplayer, Winamp
> or another player, produces a very distorted audio playback, which sounds
> more like audio distortion of chipmunks through an overdrive guitar filter,
> (for lack of a better description).
> The video is upsidedown in Winamp but looks correct in Mediaplayer.

The upsidedown video in Winamp is a know problem
which I will address in the next version of the codecs (no estimated
time of arrival

> Back to the audio, I'm not sure if the audio problem exists because my
> digital camera produces audio at 11025 Hz, 8 bps, Mono (that's according to
> Winamp's info reported by the Directshow stream).
> Does anyone have any solutions to identifying why I am getting these strange
> results?  How much of it could have to do with the ffmpeg2theora encoder and
> how much to do with the Directshow decoder    ?

You can test the video with other decoders to see if it plays better
(VLC, SMplayer)

> I'm more than ready to send the .AVI file to someone for testing, though it
> may be quite large, around 160 Mb.

You can send me the video in private (using for example rapidshare which has a
200mb file limit and 10 downloads for free users) for testing.


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