[theora] Encoding QT to Theora

Laurent Fraisse lfraisse at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 02:14:50 PST 2009

We shot with the Red One HD camera so source material is raw. We then
converted it to edit the shots with FCP.
I can ask the editor to give me other details since I'm just anticipating
the moment we'll release the movie.
Were it for the editor only, it would be encoded with some H.264 codec
without further discussion.

Thank you,


On Fri, Jan 9, 2009 at 11:03, <j at thing.net> wrote:

> Hi Laurent,
> > We're currently editing a video advertizing Firefox and plan to
> > release it exclusively encoded with Theora during a couple of days
> > (before it hits YouTube, DailyMotion...).
> >
> > Editing is done with Final Cut Pro so sources are QT files. What is
> > your experience of encoding QT to Theora?
> what codec is your timeline in? if you edit DV or HDV material, you
> should export the final timeline as self contained quicktime file(not
> quicktime conversion), that way you export it without encoding into
> another intermediate format. the resulting .mov file you can encode with
> ffmpeg2theora
> j
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