[theora] online service to host/share theora&vorbis encoded ogg files

Orton Akinci ortonak at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 9 01:16:22 PST 2009

dear david, thank you for your input. your are right!. i am also going to be using bittorent as well. p2p approach is also part of my "a copyleft crowdsourcing free/open source  project" as it suits best for my notion of free distribution of information as in Anders Weberg's "P2P Art" project (www.p2p-art.com). The only thing is that i don't think there will be enough seeds for a while (maybe even after i announce it :D). so i also would like to have it available on a widely known service with "free culture" approach like archive.org.  but of course i will also be seeding the files... i think p2p is crucial for free culture. last year i also read about a great project called "NUWeb: A project for Web 3.0: for the user, by the user, of the user" (http://www.nettime.org/Lists-Archives/nettime-l-0701/msg00021.html) . i think their web 3.0 approach is also so important for the future of net. web 2.0 technologies work great for now but their problem is that,
 they are centralized. for example blogger was banned in turkey for a while and all the content was inaccessable (except for through proxy servers). youtube is sitll banned here in turkey!  even google may choose to close down thier blogger service one day and still today you my be subject to their censorship... so i think p2p approach and projects like NUWeb are important for the future of the net and "free culture". 

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>>>>> "Orton" == Orton Akinci <ortonak at yahoo.com> writes:

> hi, i am looking for a free hosting / file transfer service to share
> theora and vorbis encoded ogg videos. 

What about setting up a bittorrent tracker, and just posting links to
your .torrent files os some blog or website?  This way you could
practically host files of unlimited size, at constant bandwidth cost.

Well, that wouldn't be completely _free_, but it doesn't cost much to
run a dyndns-enabled host on a standard DSL connection 24/7.  I guess
people in your project already have the required resources (i.e. DSL
flatrate), so what's keeping you from just utilizing that to seed your
torrents :)

And seeding with a swarm of bittorrent hosts behind standard DSL just
somehow fits the 'crowdsourcing' of your project's title.

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