[theora] Oggz 0.9.8 Released

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Tue Jul 15 23:58:03 PDT 2008

2008/7/12 aphid <aphid at ucsc.edu>:
> Conrad - thanks for the great work on this.
> Here are some observations with release oggzchop, using
>  as test stream.
> VLC:  when playing the stream over the net, VLC's playhead does not move
> and the time index stays at 0:00:00.
> However, when the above is saved locally (I  used curl -O), it behaves
> ~normally.  The start time even begins at 15:22, even though it's the
> front of the file (which is pretty cool :D) and the playhead moves as
> normal.
> Quicktime via xiphQT (on intel mac): Audio and video are not in sync -
> both when streaming the file and playing it locally.  If I play the file
> from the beginning (as opposed to 15m22s in) things are in sync so I'm
> assuming something is happening at a keyframe...


thanks for testing these out. Perhaps we should make a wiki page to
track which players etc. can deal with Skeleton (ie. chopped streams)
properly, along the lines of:


... which will of course involve documenting what needs to be done to
deal with them properly, which is probably atm only documented in the
annodex internet-drafts.

It's partly documented in:


ie. it's mostly a matter of players handling the presentation and base
times properly.


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