[theora] Misc: handycam raw to ogg / DVD to ogg

Hannes Hauswedell theora.list at soulrebel.in-berlin.de
Tue Feb 12 06:13:44 PST 2008

> 2) How do I convert a DVD to ogg format in the most efficient way?

You could also use Ogmrip to create a vorbis+theora+mkv file. That way 
you get the benefits of vorbis/theora (being patent free), aswell as 
the benefits of the matroska container (multiple audio tracks, subtitle 
tracks...). Matroska is of course a free format as well.

Note that only vlc-svn and recent versions of mplayer are able to play 
these files (xine-svn maybe able to aswell).

Ogmrip uses the encoder_example I think...


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