[theora] Remove the word "Alpha" from anywhere near Theora

Luis Gonzalez ghempresa at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 23 12:32:31 PDT 2007

Hi ,I am also vote for leave the word "alpha".It's about 7 "alpha" releases in 4 years :

Alpha 1     September 2002
Alpha 2     December 2002
Alpha 3     March 2004
Alpha 4     December 2004
Alpha 5     August 2005
Alpha 6     May 2006
Alpha 7     June 20064 years it's time to talk about mature library.And also think that it's time for new release of libtheora.After the next release of libtheora , i think it's time to look forward to Theora 1.0.Companies usually don't support alpha software in their products , hardware manufactures don't do it also.Theora 1.0 version release , could make companies think about to include Theora in their products.> Howdy,>> I'm proposing to change the version state of Theora from Alpha to> Beta, or better yet to remove any mention that it isn't ready.  Theora> is ready.  Saying it's an Alpha version is cute in the eyes of a> developer who likes versioning numbers, but it's a nightmare in> regards to marketing.>> Nobody wants to support something that's labeled Alpha.  Like it's> unstable and will explode and kill your puppie.  No, no.  Let's have> none of this anymore.>> Do it on the next release.>> Speaking of next release, when will it be?  That was one of the topics> in the last two monthly meetings and there was no feedback that I know> of.>> Theora 1.0
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