[theora] documentation for encoded video quality / size tuning

Jiří Navrátil jiri at navratil.cz
Mon Jul 23 23:20:43 PDT 2007


Thank's to fast replies on this list, I can now encode to Theora from
demuxed files. Thank you again.

So far, I used Vorbis + H.264 (Mencoder, x264, double pass) in
Matroska. To be prepared for switch to Vorbis + Theora in Ogg, I need
to learn, how to achieve at least close results in quality / size.
First result show me, that with video bitrate = 1000, the Ogg file
have doubled size opposite to MKV. I can use video bitrate = 200 for
animated child's film with H.264, but I see worse pictures with

Where I can start to learn, how improve my results with Theora as video codec?

Thank you,

Jiri Navratil, http://www.navratil.cz,  +420 777 224 245

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