[theora] inside matroska

Hannes Hauswedell hannes.hauswedell at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 13:34:37 PDT 2006

> Yes. Ogg has a very different design goal. It can be written and read as
> a stream while matroska is designed more for nonlinear access. We've
> traditionally been more interested in streaming than file editing.
> There's a "home-made" effect on both sides too, I think. We never
> understood what the matroska developers were trying to do, and I don't
> think they understood want we were doing with ogg.
> That said, we think it's far more important that people use free codecs
> regardless of the container it's in, so if you're using matroska, please
> do use theora with it. :)

the point about matroska is that it supports almost every codec and
has lots of extra-features. for example multiple audio-streams,
chapter or subtitle support...
matroska has all of this and supports other free codecs (i know they
might be patent-encumbered, but where i live software patents arent
legal (yet) ;-) ) like x264 and xvid.
it gives me the advantage of using one file-format for all situations
(sometimes i have to chose xvid over theora, because dvd2xvid takes
about 3:15h on my notebook compared to 8:30h for dvd2theora).
also it seems to become real famous (i always call a free software
product famous when "normal windows users" know without being told by
their geek friends).

so the ogg-container might really be better for streaming, but i think
for video-backups matroska is really leading the way.
you could at least mention it or link to it somewhere on the homepage ;-)
and maybe help the mediaplayer devs, up to now only mplayer-current
plays theora inside matroska, not even vlc recognizes it :(



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