[theora] Extension .v+ogg does work

S. A. A. Allen manager at atshop3d.com
Mon Oct 23 04:04:30 PDT 2006

Hi all and Thankyou for the feedback,

 From what I have gathered about the extension, the main message is that  
rather than re-inventing the wheel, just use an existing one and build a  
better version of it.

Since .ogg and .ogm are already common for "completely open" and "partly  
open" formats, I would actually be quite happy to stay with current  
extensions until the need for a different one arises. I can confidently  
say that MPEG audio and audio-video used the same extension until they had  
to be later clarified when different levels of audio arised.

NOTE: for .ogm files with multiple extension and/or subititle, shall we  
recomment the .ani or .hen extension? :D

For me, I have had enough of extensions at the moment, but if anybody else  
would like to add to filename conventions, I would like to heard it. I  
look forward to being part of the next alpha, or even beta release of the  
theora codec.


On Mon, 23 Oct 2006 00:12:53 +1000, illiminable <ogg at illiminable.com>  

> Hi and welcome,
> As to the first issue, any kind of theora+mp3, divx+vorbis should have  
> the extension .ogm , these are an "extended format" ogg file if you  
> like. They are not officially sanctioned, but they are perfectly  
> legitimate by the spec. Most of the time they do have an .ogm extension,  
> and they often frequently contain audio in multiple langauges and/or  
> subtitles in one of more langauges. They tend to be found mostly from  
> what i've seen on anime/hentai files.
> One other thing is that several programs have come to consider .ogg to  
> mean a signle stream ogg vorbis file... two such examples are Sony  
> Soundforge, and WMP 11. No doubt many others.
> As to the extension... i think there's kind of two ways to go. Both have  
> their pro's and cons. One is to just identify the file type  
> conceptually. In other words just need to differentiate basically  
> between just audio files (since some players only use audio) and files  
> that contain video. eg. .ogg and .oggvideo for example.
> The other is to try and specify the codec type in the extension  
> .theora_vorbis, .theora_speex . theora_flac etc. But this gets out of  
> hand pretty quick, and it doesn't scale so well.
> Looking to the future, while there is only as of today, a small number  
> of codecs in ogg, we should be looking towards being able to include  
> various types of codec in our container, and creating one extension per  
> codec combination seems to make that idea a lot more difficult. My  
> preference is towards the conceptual labelling.
> But as you say, being able to do clever things in terms of shell  
> integration depends on being able to quickly identify a file by it's  
> extension, especially if you want to be able to do something across a  
> whole directory of files. We are certainly going beyond the point where  
> users of ogg are tech-savvy, and need to be mindful that more and more  
> people using ogg are just regular users who just want their stuff to  
> work as they expect.
> Zen.
> S. A. A. Allen wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Being my first post on the mailing list, I would like to say "Great  
>> Codec, tweak it up Scotty".
>> However, I would like to say that the extension should both notify that  
>> the Theora and Vorbis codecs are being used. Many times I have  
>> downloaded an *.OGG file and found out that it's Theora encoded with  
>> MP3, or MPEG 1/2/4/Whatever video with Vorbis audio. How annoying. All  
>> I want to do is put the CD in any Linux OS and play the flaming video.  
>> Any similar experiences?
>> So I always say "Hey, check out this Theora Vorbis video!", even though  
>> its extension is *.OGG. All videos I post use the same format. Go  
>> ffmpeg2theora! At the moment, I can only suggest for files to be named  
>> *.tvv or *.otv, or anything, as long as the "tv" is there for *BOTH*  
>> Theora *AND* Vorbis.
>> Also some programs, especially archive and download managers, go  
>> bonkers when non alphanumeric characters are introduced in to the  
>> extension. A bug? Maybe. More like a "security" feature that didn't get  
>> in to the final user manual.
>> However, this part of the file will be absolutely critical, since a  
>> unique extension would make shell integration and life a lot more  
>> easier, especially for non open-source users who send OGG files through  
>> their audio player and wonder what the $#@& is going on. Even I got  
>> baffled, expecting all OGG files to be Vorbis exclusive.
>> --Sam.
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