[theora] Extension .v+ogg does work

Ivo Emanuel Gonçalves justivo at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 04:15:39 PDT 2006

Wait.  How did all of this happen?

1) On Wikipedia there was yet another talk about Theora having a
different extension to make a distinction between Vorbis and Theora.

2) It became one of the Monthly Meeting issues to be discussed.

3) On the Monthly Meeting, Monty apparently talked for everyone and
said .v+ogg would become the proposed extension for Theora if it
worked on most situations.

4) Almost two weeks later, I decided to take some time and do some
tests.  v+ogg works.  I report the fact to the Theora mailing list.

5) Situation explodes and everyone's PROPOSING NEW EXTENSIONS, which
was not what should have happened.

6) ????


Please let's all agree that the damn extension is .v+ogg so I can
report back to Wikipedia and live happily ever after.  Sigh.

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