[theora] Extension .v+ogg does work

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Sun Oct 22 07:12:53 PDT 2006

Hi and welcome,

As to the first issue, any kind of theora+mp3, divx+vorbis should have 
the extension .ogm , these are an "extended format" ogg file if you 
like. They are not officially sanctioned, but they are perfectly 
legitimate by the spec. Most of the time they do have an .ogm extension, 
and they often frequently contain audio in multiple langauges and/or 
subtitles in one of more langauges. They tend to be found mostly from 
what i've seen on anime/hentai files.

One other thing is that several programs have come to consider .ogg to 
mean a signle stream ogg vorbis file... two such examples are Sony 
Soundforge, and WMP 11. No doubt many others.

As to the extension... i think there's kind of two ways to go. Both have 
their pro's and cons. One is to just identify the file type 
conceptually. In other words just need to differentiate basically 
between just audio files (since some players only use audio) and files 
that contain video. eg. .ogg and .oggvideo for example.

The other is to try and specify the codec type in the extension 
.theora_vorbis, .theora_speex . theora_flac etc. But this gets out of 
hand pretty quick, and it doesn't scale so well.

Looking to the future, while there is only as of today, a small number 
of codecs in ogg, we should be looking towards being able to include 
various types of codec in our container, and creating one extension per 
codec combination seems to make that idea a lot more difficult. My 
preference is towards the conceptual labelling.

But as you say, being able to do clever things in terms of shell 
integration depends on being able to quickly identify a file by it's 
extension, especially if you want to be able to do something across a 
whole directory of files. We are certainly going beyond the point where 
users of ogg are tech-savvy, and need to be mindful that more and more 
people using ogg are just regular users who just want their stuff to 
work as they expect.


S. A. A. Allen wrote:
> Hi All,
> Being my first post on the mailing list, I would like to say "Great 
> Codec, tweak it up Scotty".
> However, I would like to say that the extension should both notify 
> that the Theora and Vorbis codecs are being used. Many times I have 
> downloaded an *.OGG file and found out that it's Theora encoded with 
> MP3, or MPEG 1/2/4/Whatever video with Vorbis audio. How annoying. All 
> I want to do is put the CD in any Linux OS and play the flaming video. 
> Any similar experiences?
> So I always say "Hey, check out this Theora Vorbis video!", even 
> though its extension is *.OGG. All videos I post use the same format. 
> Go ffmpeg2theora! At the moment, I can only suggest for files to be 
> named *.tvv or *.otv, or anything, as long as the "tv" is there for 
> *BOTH* Theora *AND* Vorbis.
> Also some programs, especially archive and download managers, go 
> bonkers when non alphanumeric characters are introduced in to the 
> extension. A bug? Maybe. More like a "security" feature that didn't 
> get in to the final user manual.
> However, this part of the file will be absolutely critical, since a 
> unique extension would make shell integration and life a lot more 
> easier, especially for non open-source users who send OGG files 
> through their audio player and wonder what the $#@& is going on. Even 
> I got baffled, expecting all OGG files to be Vorbis exclusive.
> --Sam.
> --S. A. A. Allen
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