[Theora] Theora streaming from windows

Neil Morris neil at adm1.ph.man.ac.uk
Wed Mar 22 09:23:19 PST 2006

Joe Mays wrote:

> We run an icecast server that several people in Louisville use for 
> audio streaming. A number of people have expressed an interest in 
> video streaming through it, too, but cringe when I talk about setting 
> up a linux server for streaming. Has anyone managed to get streaming 
> working from Windows media encoder using the directshow plug ins? I'd 
> like to be able to tell people they can encode the stream on a windows 
> box and send it to our icecast server for broadcasting, but I have 
> never been able to get the directshow filters to work.
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The latest Win32 Dev version of VLC (0.8.5 test1) has a "shout" module 
included, I don't know about a "real" Icecast
server but it will stream Theora/Vorbis into PeerCast, you can download 
it from the VLC Developer Site nightly builds


I only tried this myself yesterday using a rather complex command line 
and have yet to explore to see if it's
possible to do same with it's inbuilt streaming wizard. You may see the 
results as a test stream on PeerCast in the
next day or so. It also take input and transcodes from Directshow 
video-in drivers ie WinTV etc..

[VoyageVideo on PeerCast]

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