[Theora] Other extension for Ogg Theora then "ogg"

Borphee borphee at cebridge.net
Mon May 9 16:11:56 PDT 2005


On 5/9/05, Borphee <borphee at cebridge.net> wrote:
> After all, if you take "Nasty-Virus.exe" and rename it to 
> "Nasty-Virus.jpg"
> and try to hide it as a picture, Windows won't know what to do with it
> precisely because it does usually believe the extension.
>> If it was "smart" and looked inside (like what you and many others
>> recommend), then that  "Nasty-Virus.jpg" would be recognized as an
>> executable and be run, instead of being displayed as a broken picture.

>Oooh, I can't let this one slide, sorry. A sane application would
>mention it to the user if a file has a misleading extension which is
>not in accordance with the MIME type. GNOME (or nautilus for that
>matter) does this for me, and any file saying it's something else will
>evoke a pop-up informing me about this threat.

You are trying to 'special case' your way out of a situation caused soley by 
being 'smart'.

The reality is the problem doesn't exist *at*all* if you do actually go by 
the extension.

By being smart, you actually create more problems, and you have to be even 
smarter to try and deal with those problems.

In a way, that's the same kind of attitude Microsoft had when they wrote 
Windows.  They kept adding features and integrating more and more stuff just 
because they could.  Complexity for complexity's own sake.  It became the 
dominant OS, but it really sucks dead bunnies!

>Please try it before you discredit it,

I didn't try to discredit GNOME etc.  To be honest, I don't give a rat's ass 
one way or the other about Gnome because I don't use Linux.

I was pointing out to Monty the stupidity of his comment.  File extensions 
aren't the reason there are email viruses.  In a way, file extensions are 
one of the reasons there aren't more of them!  Otherwise, every attachment 
would be a potential virus.

>PS As mentioned, I don't want to get into this discussion, because I
>perceive the whole 3 letter extension system a deprecated DOS
>extension, as is Windows and thus any user of it ;-) (ooh, I know I'm

Actually, file extensions existed before DOS, and were widely in use outside 
of DOS.

People only call it a "DOS problem" because DOS (and now windows) became the 
dominant operating system and happened to use them, just like most operating 
systems of the time.

Simply because it's not the latest greatest fad doesn't make it a "DOS 
Problem", or even a 'problem' at all.  It just means it's not fashionable. 
It's not the latest fad.

Adding complexity for complexity's sake is never a good thing.  Just look at 
Windows itself!

A lot of people today talk negatively about DOS etc., but as one of those 
who was using computers back then, and even used audio tape for storage, 
etc., DOS was not as bad as what most people like to think.  (I guess the 
comment about audio tape kind of targets my age... [grin]  At least I never 
had to use punch tape!  I remember when 16k was a lot of memory.  When using 
audio tape for storage was amazing.  The excitement of getting my first 
single sidded 5.25" floppy.  Ahh, the gold old days...)

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