[Theora] Second game ever to use Theora!

Agustin Cordes agustin at nucleosys.com
Tue Oct 5 12:02:04 PDT 2004

Hi Alen,

Sorry for taking so long to reply. To encode the videos first we used 
Huffyuv (http://neuron2.net/www.math.berkeley.edu/benrg/huffyuv.html), 
which is a YUV-format lossless-compression codec. Indeed, working with 
raw files isn't convenient at all, not every media player supports it 
and the sizes are HUGE. Then encoding them with Theora is very 
straightforward using their sample encoder and ffmpeg. Take a look at 
the following command line:

ffmpeg_g.exe -i %1.avi -f yuv4mpegpipe - | encoderwin.exe -v 10 -o %1.ogg -

(Note this works on Windows but the syntaxis is similar on Linux)
"%1" should be replaced with the name of your video file encoded in 
Huffyuv and "encoderwin.exe" is the compiled encoder sample found in the 
alpha3 distribution of Theora. This will compress the video with the 
highest possible quality (and still resulting in a small file, thank you 
very much Theora).

It seems there's a similar tool now on the frontpage but I havn't tried 
that yet.
Let me know if you need any further help,

Alen Ladavac wrote:
> Agustin,
> I'm just curious... What did you use to encode the videos? We'd like to fit
> Theora into our movie creation process, but we can't find some reasonable
> approach. The best we've found so far goes through raw video files, which
> might not be very convenient for the artists.
> Thanks,
> Alen
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>>Oops... somehow I knew that had to be question mark at the end of the
>>subject! :)
>>Agustin Cordes
>>Ralph Giles wrote:
>>>On Thu, Sep 30, 2004 at 04:21:09PM -0300, Agustin Cordes wrote:
>>>>I would like to bring your attention to our game "Scratches" that we're
>>>>developing which is using the Theora codec. We found the video quality
>>>>to be great with very small files. You can see the results for yourself
>>>>in this short demo (45MB) we released a few months ago:
>>>Hey, thanks for letting us know. We're always happy to see adoption
>>>and are glad you found it useful!
>>>Must correct your subject line though. The original Savage from s2games
>>>was the first game we know of to use theora for cut scenes. :)
>>> -r
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