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rcooley rcooley
Thu Jun 17 22:54:01 PDT 2004

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On Thu, 17 Jun 2004 22:37:43 +0200
Thomas Vander Stichele <thomas at apestaart.org> wrote:

> It'd be nice if file extensions can be trusted, but they can't.

Sure they can.  At least to the extent that they say if it's audio or
video...  When was the last time you found a .divx file without video?
When was the last time you found a .wma file with video?

> So if your mp3 player doesn't play .wav files, what happens when you
> open the wav file with .mp3 extension mentioned before ?

The same thing that happens if your wav player doesn't play mp3 content
inside a wav file.

There are standards, and then there are standards...  In the real world,
you don't see mp3 content in wav files, you don't see audio-only avi
files, etc.

There's a reason just about every different format has a different file
extention.  And there's a very good reason why audio and video files
don't have the same extensions.  Audio players don't play video, video
players aren't good at audio, and 99.9% of filemanagers decide what to
open a file with based solely upon the file extention.  If there is no
official video-only extention, you're sure to see at least 2 or more
different ones gain popularity.

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