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Thomas Vander Stichele thomas
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> On Thursday, June 17, 2004, 11:16:16, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> > Now you're telling me that the right thing to do is to rename it to have
> > an .mp3 extension ?
> No, I'm saying that I've seen a lot of MP3 files, which had the RIFF header,
> but only a few of them had .WAV extension when I got them. I never said that
> this was right, but it certainly helps identifying what kind of content the
> file has.

It doesn't, since the content is a wave file, not an mp3.  So it's wrong
if the browser tells me it's mp3, because it doesn't conform to the mp3
standard and it does conform to the wav standard.

> >> And guess
> >> what's the fastest way to assign a file type icon to a file?
>                                       ^^^^^^^^^
> > I'll tell you and it's not what you think.  The fastest way is either
> > completely random or just use the same icon for everything.
> I said specifically file type icons, not something random.

Yes, and I'm telling you that assigning a random icon to the file has
more chance of being correct than your method of giving the
abovementioned wave file that happens to have an .mp3 extension an icon
based on the extension.  For the simple reason that doing that is always
wrong, since it's a wav and not an mp3.

> Why are you so against having separate extensions for (from the user's POV)
> different files?

I'm not against it.  I'm just giving you other examples where it just
doesn't work, and you're chosing to ignore them.  I myself prefer a
system that quickly identifies the file correctly.  It'd be nice if file
extensions can be trusted, but they can't.

>  As an end-user, I want to use program X for music, and
> program Y for videos, and when I click on a file, I want it to open in the
> appropriate program. Given how file managers work, it's the least hassle for
> everybody to just have one extension for files that contain video, and
> another for those that don't.

So if your mp3 player doesn't play .wav files, what happens when you
open the wav file with .mp3 extension mentioned before ?


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