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On Tuesday, July 6, 2004, 16:49:18, David Kuehling wrote:

> What I'd like to mention here: not having a simple ascii subtitle format
> specified for ogg-theora is really a pitty.

Simple ascii subtitle format is too simple for fansubbers - search for ASS
(Advanced SubStation Alpha) format specifications on the internet (there's a
RTF floating around), to see what the fansubbers actually use.

Unfortunately there only way to display these subtitles is to use vsfilter,
which is limited to Windows (and eats lots of CPU with more complex effects;
last time I checked mplayer, it stripped all formatting from ssa/ass files).
Which is probably why most fansubbers still prefer to hardcoded subtitles
(also, the only way to put ssa/ass to ogm is to use oggds v0.9.9.6, which is
pretty unstable).

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