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David Kuehling dvdkhlng
Tue Jul 6 07:49:18 PDT 2004

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>>>>> "Jernej" == Jernej Simon?i? <jernej.simoncic at guest.arnes.si> writes:

> Make that "was in use by anime DVD rip groups" (I only know of 1
> fansub that used Ogm). However, most groups that used Ogm switched to
> Matroska (and I've seen a few fansubs that used it, though most fansub
> groups still stick to AVI), as it's current implementations offer more
> features with less problems for the user.

Just yesterday I incidentally ran into a copy of "Zatoichi" encoded into
a .ogm.  Japanese Vorbis audio, DivX video and an english ascii subtitle
stream.  Nothing like this is possible with .avi.  Matroska's advantage
will be better seeking, as .ogm's don't have an index and require binary
search for getting seeking done right.  Apparently that's too difficult
for many movie-players (or coders...).  Mplayers ogg-demuxer still
doesn't seek well in .ogm streams :(.

What I'd like to mention here: not having a simple ascii subtitle format
specified for ogg-theora is really a pitty.

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