[Theora] New Theora FAQ.

Nilesh Bansal bansal
Sun Jul 4 01:00:33 PDT 2004

Hi all,

Present theora FAQ is unorganized and a bit outdated. I have done some
reorganization. Please have a look at it (file name is
websites/theora.org/theorafaq2.html in SVN).

Though most of the thing is copy-paste from old FAQ, but I want someone to
proof-read it (specially the parts regarding When will it be finished? Can
I use it right now? How to use Theora?). Once, that is done, we can
replace present faq with this file.

PS: anchors does not work properly in konqueror (most-probably a bug of
konqueror). Anyone having knowledge of some workaround?

Nilesh Bansal.

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