[Theora] OGG/OGM media container

Nilesh Bansal bansal
Tue Jul 6 02:43:41 PDT 2004

Hi all,

Xiph aims at developing open-standards media formats. Though xiph.org
tells about vorbis/theora/flac/speex, nothing is mentioned about container
to use (that is ogg/ogm). I have a few questions

Is there a difference between ogg and ogm? I guess its only the extension
that is different and everything else is same.

Some tools (like ogmtools) are available to create ogm files. What is
state of that code? It it stable? Is it advisable to start convering my
AVIs to OGMs? ogm specs are final or they will probably change and are not
yet final?

If answer to previous question is yes, why mencoder don't produce ogm? Why
people are still sticking to AVI? Is it just lack of time/energy of
developers or something more technical?

What are main advantages/disadvantages of matroska(http://matroska.org/)
over ogg/ogm? Why 2 different projects? Why not ditch one and concentrate
on one?

Why www.xiph.org don't provide any info about ogm? I was not able to find
specs. Also, xiph.org doesn't link to any of ogmtools site.

PS: I have recently joined xiph team as webmaster of xiph.org, and if I
get answers to above questions I can create a page of ogg/ogm at
xiph.org with details about same.

Nilesh Bansal

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