[Theora] online video and theora published

John Kintree jkintree
Thu Jul 1 07:30:30 PDT 2004

Several days ago, I posted a message about online video and theora to this
group.  With excellent constructive criticism from Ole Tange, I made a number
of revisions, and just published it on the web site of the St. Louis
Independent Media Center.

The abstract is, "There are a number of technical and non-technical factors
that affect our ability to view video that is stored on the Internet.  This
article will describe some of them, with special attention given to a free,
open source codec called "theora" that is used to compress and decompress
digital video."

The web address for the article is,

Ole suggested that some of the mainstream media, maybe Robert Cringely, might
like to use the article.  I'm kind of shy about approaching them with it.
Does anyone want to give any input about that?
John Kintree

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