[Theora] -Auto-download Freesbie Net-installer on PC Bootup-

nate at betterdifferent.com nate at betterdifferent.com
Sun Dec 19 13:34:22 PST 2004

-Auto-download Freesbie Net-intaller on PC Bootup- then install peercast
and ANYONE can easily stream Theora.  FREE SPEACH, finally!

Sounds like a good idea, no?

I'd like to have a tiny OS on a USB flash memory drive that boots up with
a network interface, collects information about available Freesbie
versions using a completely distributed peer-to-peer network a la
bittorrent, and then lets me choose what flavor to run/download (depending
what I want to do with the computer).

I think it would would be a great to make a flavor of Freebie that boots
up to a peercast (peercast.org) Internet radio station that can capture
and stream Ogg Theora video.  There should be an easy to use WiFi network
sniffer and  bluetooth dial-up capability for GPRS cell phone connectivity
so that anyone with a laptop, a microphone and a webcam can broadcast
their own Internet TV show to an audience of the entire Internet.

Bonus points awarded for a wearable system that is powered by riding a bike.

I am working on this system, I call it the oGo.  Check out my website:

I am currently experimenting with an improvement to Capitalism I call Hugs
and Stars.

Want to be free?  Stop using the governemnts money.  It's not barter, it
is gift exchange, I call the system Hugs and Stars.

Merry Christmas

PEACE :-) N888

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