[Theora] libtheora 1.0 alpha 4 release

John Kintree jkintree at swbell.net
Mon Dec 20 07:19:48 PST 2004

Ralph Giles posted this announcement at www.theora.org last week.  I tried to  
reword it for this list, but couldn't think of a way to improve it.  In case 
you haven't already seen this: 
We're pleased to announce a new release of the libtheora reference 
implementation. This is an incremental update over alpha 3, in support of 
Icecast's use of some new utility calls to provide theora streaming support.


Changes since the alpha3 release: 

* first draft of the Theora I Format Specification
* API documentation generated from theora.h with Doxygen
* fix a double-update bug in the motion analysis
* apply the loop filter before filling motion vector border in the reference 
* new utility functions: theora_packet_isheader(), theora_packet_iskeyframe(), 
and theora_granule_frame()
* optional support for building without floating point
* optional support for building without encode support
* various build and packaging fixes
* pkg-config support
* SymbianOS build support

We still plan to make incompatible api changes before the first beta release, 
but this new alpha provides a stable base including all the work that has 
happened up to those changes.

Thanks to everyone who contributed!

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