[Theora] help - Theora/Vorbis/Ogg, ogmmerge and ffmpeg2theora

j at thing.net j at thing.net
Tue Dec 14 06:09:00 PST 2004

ogmmerge does not support ogg theora, but oggzmerge does.
you can get it here http://www.annodex.net/software/liboggz/
muxing vts_01.m2a and vts_01.m2v to vts_01.mpg
and encoding audio and video at the same time with ffmpeg2theora works


On Tue, 2004-12-14 at 13:00 +0000, Ian Kirk wrote:
> and also gave me:
>   # ogmmerge -v -o test.ogg vts_01.m2a.ogg vts_01.m2v.ogg
>   Using OGG/OGM demultiplexer for vts_01.m2a.ogg.
>   +-> Using Vorbis audio output module for stream 1.
>   Using OGG/OGM demultiplexer for vts_01.m2v.ogg.
>   0.000000 (timestamp) written header page for vts_01.m2a.ogg
>   Error: the reader for vts_01.m2v.ogg did not produce a header page.

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