[theora] Current state of theora & Windows port?

Freun Laven FreunLaven at earthlink.net
Wed Jul 16 18:59:44 PDT 2003

> Looking at the CVS, vp32 looks fine for now, though I hope it delivers
> reasonable quality. Btw, is there any additional documentation? I looked

Well, you can always try it...  Video compression is pretty subjective.

> reasonable quality. Btw, is there any additional documentation? I looked

If there is any, it'd be on the vp3.com site.  The site is still up, but not
being updated.

Other than that, you could contact On2 themselves.  I've occasionally seen
one of their guys in here, but that was just a matter of personal interest.
(ie: maybe no official support / help, but maybe one of them will help you
out anyway.)

> Please let me know if you have a sample program (doesn't really matter
> which platform) or any suggestion other than "look at the XINE source"
> ;-)


There is the free, unfinished VPvision that ON2 themselves created.  I've
never looked at it.


I don't know if the nullsoft NVS format (which uses vp32 and mp3) would

That's all that I know of right off hand.  Although there's been interest in
the format, nobody has actually really done anything with it yet.  (At least
not that I know of...)

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