[theora] Current state of theora & Windows port?

Maik Merten maikmerten at gmx.net
Sat Jul 19 11:47:38 PDT 2003

Markus Meyer wrote:
 > Looking at the CVS, vp32 looks fine for now, though I hope it delivers
 > reasonable quality.

Opinions about VP3´s video-quality do differ. In tests done by the 
german computer-magazine "Magazin für Computertechnik" (aka as "c´t") 
VP3 fared very well and even reached higher scores than DivX or XviD.

However, older tests at doom9.org said VP3´s quality was behind the 
quality delivered by DivX.

VP3 tends to "blur" the image when it is running out of bits, resulting 
in "lack of detail". Behaviour of DivX is a bit different in those 
situations - it tends to produce "block-artifacts" with sharp-edges 
instead of blurring the image.

Personally I prefer a "smooth" image over a "blocky" image, so I´m very 
satisfied with VP3´s quality.

Speaking of decoding speed: My good old AMD K6-2+ @ 500 MHz is capable 
to decode a ~800 KBit/s 512x240 VP3 video stream without frame-drops, so 
  decoding speed is ok for me :-)


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