[theora] Quicktime Vs Windows encoding with VP3

Dan Miller dan at on2.com
Fri Oct 18 12:28:15 PDT 2002

this is wierd.  We are struggling with some issues in QT6, but what you describe is not one I've heard before.  

Are you sure you are setting all the params correctly?  It sounds like you're getting all keyframes or something.
Also, which OS are you running?

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        I found out about vp3 from the new winamp and coincidentally i also happen to be trying to find a suitable solution to broadband streaming.
        I have used flaskmpeg to create a 17mb .avi file from an 82mb Mpeg 1 file and it looks great it took about twenty minutes to encode. It runs for eight minutes and the audio is also fantastic using the lame encoder.
        However when I try to do the same in Quicktime with either Quicktime Pro 6 or Premiere6 or Ulead MSP6 I end up with a file that is 72mb in size and takes an hour and a half to encode.
        I use the same settings as I did with the AVI in flask except for using Qdesigns audio instead of MP3.
        I run Win2k Pro with a P4 2Ghz 512 Mb so have lots of grunt.
        If it is because of only supporting Quicktime 5 is their any intent to patch for 6
        Jim Barnes

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