[theora] Quicktime Vs Windows encoding with VP3

Jim Barnes tojimbarnes at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 18 10:00:14 PDT 2002

I found out about vp3 from the new winamp and coincidentally i also happen to be trying to find a suitable solution to broadband streaming.

I have used flaskmpeg to create a 17mb .avi file from an 82mb Mpeg 1 file and it looks great it took about twenty minutes to encode. It runs for eight minutes and the audio is also fantastic using the lame encoder.
However when I try to do the same in Quicktime with either Quicktime Pro 6 or Premiere6 or Ulead MSP6 I end up with a file that is 72mb in size and takes an hour and a half to encode.

I use the same settings as I did with the AVI in flask except for using Qdesigns audio instead of MP3.

I run Win2k Pro with a P4 2Ghz 512 Mb so have lots of grunt.

If it is because of only supporting Quicktime 5 is their any intent to patch for 6


Jim Barnes

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