[theora] Re: Quicktime Vs Windows encoding with VP3

Christian HJ Wiesner cwiesner at t-online.de
Sat Oct 19 00:45:36 PDT 2002

"jim barnes" <tojimbarnes at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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> p.s. I dont know how to tell you this but the OggVorbis codec was used
> instead of lame-mp3 and the .avi file size (as below) went to 25Mb

There is no 'allowed' way of using Vorbis within AVI, because ACM audio
codecs are only allowed to be CBR, not ABR/VBR. There is a modification of
Virtualdub called 'nandub' that can mux Lame MP3 VBR/ABR strams into AVI,
but it breaks AVI specs, playback works only on Windows using MP3 Dshow
filters and in mplayer for Linux, all other players on most other OSes failt
to keep audio and video in sync AFAIK.

There was a Vorbis ACM codec floating through the net some time ago, some
guys reported it works with AVI, but quality is bad and there are severy
sync problems.

Please note that the inability to use Vorbis in AVIs was one of the main
reasons for some projects to start work on replacing AVI with something more
modern, namely the OGM format made by Tobias Waldvogel ( based on Ogg
framing ) and MCF.


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