[theora-dev] Seek issue in cortado player

Timothy B. Terriberry tterribe at email.unc.edu
Mon Mar 15 17:33:42 PDT 2010

Nigel Simpson wrote:
> I know of a bunch of developers and students who might be available to
> help out. I figure this issue needs Cortado experts rather than lots of
> developers, though. If that's not the case and you need some help, I can
> send some people to the project.

Well, there aren't that many people who are truly "experts" on Cortado.
The original author (Wim Taymans) apparently hates Java and wants
nothing more to do with it. He based its architecture around "jst" a
Java port of what eventually became gstreamer 0.10. So understanding
Cortado really requires understanding gstreamer, but gstreamer itself
has advanced beyond the state it was in when jst was written, so not
even current gstreamer hackers really know how it works (though the
older ones may have a better-than-average chance of figuring it out).

We have a few people who have been hacking around the edges of Cortado,
but no one really understands the jst bit, and that's what's needed to
figure out the pausing and seeking issues. Your "developers and
students" probably have as good a shot at figuring it out as anyone
else. But even repeatable test cases would be helpful.

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