[theora-dev] Parallel processing for Theora?

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Sat Mar 20 15:47:49 PDT 2010

	I noticed that Vorbis has a function called vorbis_analysis_blockout() that breaks up input data into blocks that can be processed in parallel for multi-threaded applications.  Ironically, this is much less useful now that processors are so powerful that Vorbis encoding uses up very little processor load.	The truly ironic part is that Theora has no analogue to this function yet it is still very processor intensive.  For my current application, it is my bottleneck: all other processes are blocked on it.	So, I was wondering if there has been any consideration to adding parallel processing support to libtheora's API.  Obviously parallel processing has to be client driven since libtheora is meant to be portable and few things are less portable than threading.  Still, Vorbis managed to do it with vorbis_analysis_blockout() so why can't Theora?	What do you all think?	Thank you... 		 	   		  
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