[theora-dev] Response to your questions about my suggestions i sent in yesterday

Ryan smith ryan14 at mail.com
Wed Jun 10 21:06:00 PDT 2009

I sent in some suggestions regarding Theora yesterday and I got some
questions from you guys so I'll answer them. i said this:Theora should
have a feature that disables print screen and video recording software
from capturing Theora videos. Alot of you asked me about the Fair Use
law. My answer is this. i do know about fair use. The problem is, alot of
people don't obey the fair use law as u see with companies getting
youtube to take down full videos of their tv shows. People can still have
fair use if u disabled printscreen etc. They can get a digital camera and
take a photo of the screen. But it will waste more of a person's time who
uploads full tv shows which is not fair use, and anything that makes it
harder for a person who breaches the fair use law is a good thing.  Think
of it like plasma and lcd tv's, most of them do not have a hard drive
recorder built into them to record tv shows. You have to buy a dvd
recorder seperately. There
is no law that says lcd/plasma tv manufacturers have to have a hard drive
inside the tv's so people can record and use the video for fair
use. Musicians don't have to provide written lyrics to their songs so
people may have to listen to the entire song and write down the
lyrics themselves. Alot of dvd's have copy protection on them so people
don't make copies and sell them. So that's why if it's possible, Theora
should disable printscreen and video capture software from recording
videos using the Theora codec and people can still have fair use. I think
there is some Actionscript code that can disable printscreen etc for
Flash videos so Theora should try. Some of you thought my suggestions are
not for this mailing list. i'm sorry for that but i am only a technology
newbie so i didn't know. i also said this:Theora should have a feature
where when a user plays a video using the Theora player, the video will
be compressed so the file size is smaller and  it will be faster to load.
The quality of the video should remain the same.  For example, some 2
hour 16:9 Widescreen High definition 1080p videos are  4Gigabytes in
size, so Theora should compress this 4GB video into 100MB  without losing
any quality. Now for those that found this funny because you think it's
impossible, well all i can say is new technologies are coming out all the
time. 100 years ago they didn't even
have cellphones, and now we do. Just this year, researchers have found a
way to store 100 DVD's of information onto a single DVD that can be found
here:http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-10246057-1.html So maybe there
is a way to compress a 4GB movie into 100MB without losing any quality.

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