[theora-dev] Identification Header

Nuwan Millawitiya millawitiya at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 00:19:38 PST 2008

       While creating identification header in the function *
theora_encode_heade*r in *encoder_toplevel.c*, it assigns bits not mentioned
in the current theora spec released on Octomber 29, 2007 (page 40 &41).

       But this implementation in function* theora_encode_heade*r is correct
according to the  *Figure 6.2  (page 42)*. But not according to the *table
mentioned in pages 40 & 41*.

        For example, in spec it has mentioed header has NSBS (use 32 bits).
But  it has not implemented in theora_encode_header.

What is the reason?
What is happening here?

Nuwan Millawitiya
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