[theora-dev] Blog post about Theora and MSVC assembly

Nils Pipenbrinck n.pipenbrinck at cubic.org
Sun Dec 23 13:45:19 PST 2007

Ralph Giles schrieb:
> Portability is important, and remember that ARM has MMX these days too.

True - maybe I'll do an WMMX port when I get my hands on a ARM11 board.

> But there's nothing wrong with also having SSE versions. An earlier 
> attempt is here:
>   http://svn.xiph.org/branches/theora-playtime/lib/x86_32_vs/
Great! I also found out that quite a bit of the work has already done. 
There is good stuff in the enc/x86_32_vs folder. Makes the port much easier.


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