[Theora-dev] Answering myself re:couple of other questions

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Sun Mar 13 22:14:43 PST 2005

On Sunday 13 March 2005 10:34 pm, mail-lists+theoradev at dogphilosophy.net 
> Secondary questions:
> Was the issue of how to handle subtitle streams in Ogg Theora files/streams
> ever decided?  IS there a mechanism available for this yet?
> Anybody know if the example encoder was ever updated so that I can dump
> both video and audio from a single mplayer process instead of having to do
> an audio-only followed by a video-only process?
> Finally - what's left before Theora can go out as "beta 1"?

I just (re-)discovered the wiki, so ignore the third question (unless anyone 
can hazard a guess as to how soon the items that are left might be 

As to the first - I see OggWrit, and that it depends on libogg2.  How 
backwards-compatible is libogg2, and is the the only way to add (text) 
subtitle streams to ogg?  How widely supported is this or any other mechanism 
for including subtitles in Ogg Theora?


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