[Theora-dev] "encoder_example" segfaulting...(and a couple of other questions)

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Sun Mar 13 21:34:15 PST 2005

I picked up the imported Feb 2005 issue of "Linux Format", in part for the 
Theora article...and I was pleasantly surprised to see my mouldering old 
"Ogg-Theora Micro-howto[1]" document referenced.  I figured that meant people 
might still be finding it useful, so I felt it was time to dust it off and 
update it.

I also noticed that archive.org now has a small but growing collection of 
public-domain classic cartoons[2] (can't help it if I'm a cartoon junkie) 
available in DVD mpeg2 format, so I figured I'd grab one, try out my old 
instructions for dumping file data from mplayer, and see if it still worked 
(and see if the issue of needing to ensure that the first audio packet 
preceded the first video packet had ever been addressed).

I made sure I had the current libogg and libvorbis, and compiled up libtheora 
alpha4 to try it out...

Once I've started the separate audio and video streams via mplayer, 
encoder_example puts out 4 stages of the rotating "I'm doing something" bar 
and dies with a "Segmentation Fault" (or so strace shows).

Any hints where I might start finding the cause of the problem?  I also 
grabbed the current SVN, compiled and installed it, and tried it, but got the 
same results.

Secondary questions:
Was the issue of how to handle subtitle streams in Ogg Theora files/streams 
ever decided?  IS there a mechanism available for this yet?

Anybody know if the example encoder was ever updated so that I can dump both 
video and audio from a single mplayer process instead of having to do an 
audio-only followed by a video-only process?

Finally - what's left before Theora can go out as "beta 1"?


[1] - 
[2] - 

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