[theora-dev] Research opportunities in Ogg media? (Was: Re: [vorbis] OGG Versus MP3)

Hugo van der Merwe hugo at dsp.sun.ac.za
Thu Mar 18 05:34:32 PST 2004

On Wed, Mar 17, 2004 at 07:42:53PM +0100, Cristian Gagliardi wrote:
> Hello,
> Why Ogg compression and quality are better than Mp3 ?
> I'm studing Ogg Vorbis and Mp3 codecs for my thesis.
> Can you help me ?

Say, too many people are analysing history, namely mp3 vs Ogg... I'm
getting curious now, still thinking of what I plan to do for a thesis
in digital signal processing - not sure if I want to go the sound or
image processing route - is there some topic which could help the
Tarkin (if that is still being dreamt about) or Theora projects which
I could research for thesis purposes?

(I'm just collecting ideas at this point, this semester is already
over-full with academic work. I should be starting on thesis work (for
my masters degree) in July/August.

Hugo van der Merwe
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