[theora-dev] Research opportunities in Ogg media? (Was: Re: [vorbis] OGG Versus MP3)

Timothy B. Terriberry tterribe at vt.edu
Thu Mar 18 06:00:19 PST 2004

> Say, too many people are analysing history, namely mp3 vs Ogg... I'm
> getting curious now, still thinking of what I plan to do for a thesis
> in digital signal processing - not sure if I want to go the sound or
> image processing route - is there some topic which could help the
> Tarkin (if that is still being dreamt about) or Theora projects which
> I could research for thesis purposes?

One of the reasons mp3 sounded so bad for so long was its focus on SNR 
maximization. Unfortunately, video these days is in pretty much the same 
state. There has been a reasonable amount of academic research into 
psychovisual models, mostly for still images with a few stabs at video, 
but very few practical implementations (e.g., the DivX 5 psychovisual 
mode, which I gather most people aren't too impressed with).

Anyway, I've put together a prototype implementation of a psychovisual 
model, currently based off still-image concepts, but it remains 
experimentally untested. There's probably some refining that needs to be 
done before it's ready for experiments, but having someone with a group 
of users signed up ready to rate video sequences would be a pretty good 
motivating factor.
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