[theora-dev] videolan

Daniel Holth dholth at fastmail.fm
Sun Feb 22 22:26:57 PST 2004

Everyone might be interested in knowing that videolan's cvs tree,
combined with the excruciatingly simple patch attatched, is capable of
playing back chained ogg/theora+vorbis streams.  (encoded with example
cvs).  For example, icecast video.

videolan has decided to parse vorbis, speex, theora headers with its own
code.  There's an ogg demuxer (the file I patched) and the codecs are
each in separate files, of course including an ogg-encapsulatable
non-xiph codec or two.

libtheora happily decodes video packets when it doesn't have the
corresponding keyframe.

- Daniel Holth

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