[theora-dev] Using Theora in games?

Ralph Giles giles at xiph.org
Fri Feb 13 06:28:41 PST 2004

On Fri, Feb 13, 2004 at 03:14:18PM -0000, Alen Ladavac wrote:

> I don't know how much you guys might be interested in this, but our team
> might try using Ogg Theora for FMV scenes in some of our future game
> projects. We've been among the first teams to use Ogg Vorbis in games, which
> was also in very-alpha-don't-use-this-yet stage at that time, so I hope this
> shouldn't be much more of a problem. Generally, format freezing is not much
> of an issue to us, naturally, since decoder is tightly coupled with the
> content.

We're always happy when people use our codecs. :)

> I browsed through the list archives and saw some mentions of some
> experimental Win32 test-suite projects. Are those still available and where?
> Can't find them on the site. I would like to have some encoder for Windows -
> even command line would do - (so artists can use it), and a simple example
> of video decoding (so we can make a test player). Any help is greatly
> appreciated.

They weren't included in the alpha 2 source release, but there are some 
experimental win32 tools in the 'win32' directory of cvs, thanks to 
Mauricio Piacentini. One of them, 'splayer' uses the portaudio library 
(and SDL) for output an so runs on win32, macos and linux. It's been 
promoted to an official example since the alpha 2 release.

I also imagine the example encoder would work on the windows 
commandline. Just use the '-o' switch to set an explicit output filename 
instead of relying on the redirection abilities of the unix shell. If 
not, it shouldn't be hard to adapt. I'm sure someone more familiar with 
win32 can do a better job answering here, but hopefully this will get 
you started.

Good luck and keep us posted! Now's a good time to get feedback on API 
design, in particular.

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