[theora-dev] Using Theora in games?

Mauricio Piacentini mauricio at tabuleiro.com
Fri Feb 13 08:18:50 PST 2004

> I also imagine the example encoder would work on the windows 
> commandline. Just use the '-o' switch to set an explicit output filename 
> instead of relying on the redirection abilities of the unix shell. If 
> not, it shouldn't be hard to adapt. I'm sure someone more familiar with 
> win32 can do a better job answering here, but hopefully this will get 
> you started.
> Good luck and keep us posted! Now's a good time to get feedback on API 
> design, in particular.

Keep us posted, but you should probably checkout CVS, and compile the 
win32/experimental projects. There is one called encoderwin: it works 
from the commandline and you can redirect output, for example

encoderwin myvideo.yuv myaudio.wav > myvideo.ogg

You should also compile splayer, it is functional for forward playback, 
but no seeking at this time.

If you want more control over encoding, you can maybe encode your videos 
using the VP3 codec in AVI format, and use the experimental/transcoder 
to convert the VP3 track to theora without recompressing. There is an 
utility (avi2vp3) included in the transcoder directory that will pull 
out the vp3 stream from an avi file, and this is what you should feed to 

Everything pretty rough at this stage, but functional. Keep us posted, 

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