[theora-dev] one-line fix reduces distortion

Mauricio Piacentini mauricio at tabuleiro.com
Sun Feb 8 15:04:28 PST 2004

Arc Riley wrote:
>>Perhaps you misunderstood what I meant by "previous"... i.e. the one 
>>right before this current patch which fixed the bug. In that patch you 
>>yourself deleted the line that reset it, for whatever reason, and the 
>>rest of us didn't catch it. Go check the CVS history.
> Ouch.  I'm an idiot. :-)  Tho in my own defense I was changing thousands 
> of lines, and did test the changes, tho at the time I hadn't seen enough 
> VP3/Theora encoded video to notice the sudden drop in quality.  

Nice to see some traffic here for a change! Arc, I had some issues with 
the experimental stuff after the big ogg2 checkin, but I had no time to 
chase the source of the problem and it may have been something in my 
private tree, which differs a bit from the cvs one. I just did a big, 
clean checkout and everything seems to work fine. But I remember a post 
from *someone* talking about the need to change examples after the 
libogg2 move. Is this necessary? Or are all the changes necessary 
already done in libtheora? Is the experimental transcoder still working 
for you?


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