[theora-dev] one-line fix reduces distortion

Arc Riley arc at xiph.org
Sun Feb 8 15:39:49 PST 2004

On Sun, Feb 08, 2004 at 08:04:28PM -0300, Mauricio Piacentini wrote:
> Nice to see some traffic here for a change! Arc, I had some issues with 
> the experimental stuff after the big ogg2 checkin, but I had no time to 
> chase the source of the problem and it may have been something in my 
> private tree, which differs a bit from the cvs one. I just did a big, 
> clean checkout and everything seems to work fine. But I remember a post 
> from *someone* talking about the need to change examples after the 
> libogg2 move. Is this necessary? Or are all the changes necessary 
> already done in libtheora? Is the experimental transcoder still working 
> for you?

The changes I put in were to make libtheora, optionally, compile for 
libogg2.  I did this in such a way that libogg1 support can be easily 
removed in a future version, but by default it still compiles for 
libogg1.  Nothing should have changed if you don't define -DLIBOGG2

The changes aren't complete, yet, as the examples haven't also been 
ported to using libogg2.  To do this libvorbis still needs to make the 
change, which I'll probobally end up doing.  When both libtheora and 
libvorbis can compile for libogg2 the examples can be ported.

As far as the examples go, I can only compile the encoder.  The player, 
and other tools, don't seem to compile under FreeBSD.  I haven't put the 
time into figuring out why.  I also haven't put the time into trying to 
build them on my Gentoo box since both mplayer and xine compile for 
FreeBSD with theora support.  

BTW, for anyone interested, examples for bugged v1.16 and fixed v1.17 
are available in http://www.xiph.org/~arc/goldfinger* - I can see 
several points where the image is distorted or blurred in the older 
version, others had difficulty noticing any differences.  The filesize 
is exactly the same, but diff says that the encoded files differ.
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