[theora-dev] Re: Ogg Internet Drafts - create application/ogg-vorbis, application/ogg-tarkin, etc.

David Wheeler dwheeler at ida.org
Mon Jan 13 06:33:03 PST 2003

How, then, is an application supposed to use a MIME type?

The #1 use of a MIME type is to launch an application to process
the data.  If the MIME type doesn't include information on the
container format, then the application won't know what to do with
the result.

Possibly a better approach would be the use of MIME parameters
to indicate the codec, e.g.,

But the problem is that very few MIME processing applications
(e.g., web browsers and file viewers) give you the kind of control
to actually invoke the right thing.

Linus Walleij wrote:

> On Thu, 2 Jan 2003 Silvia.Pfeiffer at csiro.au wrote:
>>Yet, I don't believe that application/ogg-tarkin or
>>application/ogg-vorbis should be chosen, as "application/" to me flags
>>that the content of the file can only be determined by an application
>>that can read this specific type of file. In my opinion, vorbis should
>>be audio/ogg-vorbis because vorbis itself is an encoding format that
>>makes sense in containers only, such as ogg or rtp.
> I agree with Silvia. The above is also the view of the IETF. We want
> audio/vorbis for Vorbis audio, no matter if it is inside an Ogg or RTP
> stream (or anything else for that matter, for example Quicktime)
> audio/vorbis is to signify vorbis audio encoding no matter if it is
> encapsulated in ogg or RTP or whatever IETF standard. Eg audio/ogg-vorbis
> would be highly inapropriate. This has been discussed with the
> relevant IETF groups in the past, and also announced on the IANA content
> type mailing list.
> Accordingly video/theora will most likely be used for theora over Ogg
> streams, RTP etc.
> Any disagreements, please draft your own Internet Drafts and add to the
> IETF repository and we'll weigh them against each other and have a chat
> with considered parties.
> Linus


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